Hello and welcome to Bloobirds Radio Flyers web-site,


Bloobirds model flying club is located on top of the White Cliffs of Dover on the historic 2nd World War field that was known as RAF Swingate.  For those of you looking for a friendly club in East Kent that offers stunning cross channel views, historic links to aviation, and the nostalgic experience of flying your prized aircraft over the location that many WW2 heroes and legends flew, then look no further.


The club was formed in 1971-72 from members of local modelling clubs that were dedicated to flying model aircraft.  As with any new club a name had to be chosen and what could be more appropriate that 'Bloobirds' flying over the White Cliffs of Dover.  Not the conventional way to spell Bluebirds, but none the less unique to us.


We currently have 30-40 members of all ages and walks of life and we welcome new members, especially those that are starting or thinking of taking up the hobby. Our more experienced members will be more than happy to help you with any questions about your models or the hobby in general.  We have no restrictions at the field with regards to the type and size of the aircraft you fly, providing it falls within the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) guidelines.  See link to the BMFA site -


New members who have little or no flying experience are always welcome and if you have always wanted to learn how to fly, one of the club instructors will be more than happy to coach you on the ground and in the air.


So, if you're like me in the days before I joined the club, and crashed and burned plenty of planes as a teenager but never really learnt to fly, then look no further : )  Drop us a line via the contacts page, then come and visit us at the field and get the adrenaline rush of piloting your own model aircraft.


Cheers and see you soon,





August 6, 2020