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We are located at what was RAF Swingate. The slideshow above shows the access route to our site.  The main road to the left is the A2 from the
Port of Dover (commonly know as Jubilee Way). Clicking through the slideshow will show you other views of the field.


The roundabout at the top of Jubilee Way is known as the Duke of York's roundabout and the road running left to right from it is the A258 Deal road.
Access to the site is through the MOD gate on the A258 just off the Jubilee Way roundabout.





The club meets Saturdays and Sundays at 11am, and flying continues all day up to about 5pm.  In the Summer months this sometimes extends into the early evening but we are always conscious that I/C engine noise can carry long distances on quiet summer evenings.


Flying can take place during the week if you're a shift worker or retired and find yourself twiddling your thumbs through the week.  Many club members regularly meet during the week if the weather is good.