Local slopes:

Our local slopes, (we have two) are suitable for general fun and aerobatic models right up to glass ship F3F models (International slope pylon racing).

Incidentally , there are a couple of local F3F pilots who sometimes practice on our slopes and it's a pleasure to watch the technique of a big slippery glass ship flying a Kilometre course in 10x100 metre legs including 10x180  turns in about 32seconds!

Believe me, we are quite lucky in that Crete Road (Folkestone) is a site which is one of the best in the country for strong lift.


The two sites in East Kent are,

Crete Road West where the lift is outstanding, flyable wind speeds from Zero - around 30mph. (South to West South West)

Bishopstone Road, Herne Bay for good flying and parking, flyable wind speeds from Zero  (North to North West)
to 25mph. Higher wind speeds produce too much wind rota for the short landing area, so we do not recommend you go over the maximum speed of 25mph at this site.


Both these sites and many others can be found by using the Slope Hunter website at the link below.