If you have never tried slope soaring then you are missing out on some really exhilarating flying.


Take a look at some of these video links that demonstrate slope soaring at its best.



Remember there is little you can do with a power model that you can't do with a slope soarer and as a bonus a single slope flight often lasts half an hour or more without any fuel cost!









Ever heard about Dynamic Soaring?

It's a technique of slope flying on specific sites that use lift on the front of the slope and sink on the back of the slope to build up speed to an incredible extent. Providing your glass ship is up to the stress levels, speeds of up to 400mph can be acheived.

Here are some video links on dynamic soaring to take a look at.





Watching this video from 3.52 min really shows the speed that a DS glider gets to.

Hmmm, after watching these, some sort of ballistic protection or suitable bunker to sit in would be a good idea!